My name is Gillian DuVall and I am the Creative Director, Financier, Accountant, Janitor, along with Founder of Annapolis Pillow Company. I have always had a passion for home décor, largely thanks to my mother that felt the Designer Showcase in Southampton was just as valid of a reason to miss school as a fever. Over the course of my professional career I have had great exposure to many facets of the home décor industry, the most impactful being my experience working for Gaines McHale, a European Antiques and Custom Furniture company.

In recent years, my husband and I welcomed identical twin boys into the world. This is when my life as a paid professional ended and my life as a wife, mother and fulltime daydreamer began. I spent the first year of my new life dreaming up wild blog concepts, exercising my creativity in marketing and of course changing lots of diapers.  Once I was realized that I really could do anything that my spare time allowed for, I refocused on my lifelong passion for home décor and Annapolis Pillow Co. was born. To learn more about the early days,click here.

The main objective for Annapolis Pillow Company is to provide individuals with the ability to choose their own custom pillows without the cost, stress or intimidation of working with a specialized designer. Furthermore, give those who rely on the ever so popular catalogs and national chains, more creative latitude to order what they want for the same amount of money.

While building the concept for this little venture, I focused on a few important elements; customization, quality and domestic manufacturing.  Get ready to choose your size, body of fabric, contrast welt {if you want one}, type of insert and even proudly including your monogram, if you so choose. I want these pillow covers to hold up to the most lively of home environments. I envision every customer having twin rambunctious boys and a husband that is equally so. Last but not least, each pillow is locally grown. No mass production, no overseas labor, every quality stitch happens right here in the State of Maryland.

So as you embark on your quest to design your perfect pillow, know that the girl that was lucky enough {spoiled} to attend most Designer Showcases on Eastern Long Island will be here to help you in any way you may need. Get creative and have fun!

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