About APC

Welcome to Annapolis Pillow Company! My name is Gillian DuVall and I love living in and being a part of Annapolis, Maryland. Been here almost 20 years, raising four pretty outstanding kids, with a pretty fantastic guy, Mike DuVall (that's where I got the name. Formally known as Gillian Mattimore)  As if that wasn't enough to be excited about, I also own and run a company that I am truly passionate about. I am the gift problem solver. Really, I am. You name the gift need and I can come up with a custom solution designed and created by Annapolis Pillow Company. Don't believe me, check out our Gallery of Favorites.

My most favorite is the gift for the person that has it all...oh yeah, I can do that! But more importantly, Annapolis Pillow Company provides high quality embroidery, materials and construction, all made here locally. 

Annapolis Pillow Company strives to Capture the Coastal Lifestyle while also delivering the best quality product in the Custom Home Decor Industry. We will work one on one with each individual customer to provide a completely custom piece, made to their highest expectations. Annapolis Pillow Company is locally owned and all of our products are Made in the USA (many in Annapolis, Maryland). 

Local By Design

Annapolis Pillow Company is thrilled to partner with such a special asset to our community. Local by Design, has been providing a retail space for artists of all mediums here in Annapolis since 2014. They now inhabit very valuable real estate both Downtown Annapolis and at the Annapolis Mall, for the convenience of locals. The concept is simple and brilliant. Talented artists of truly beautiful art to those who may make pillows for example, are all featured under one roof, as one cohesive retail store. Local by Design Downtown is an absolute gem of a find for visitors and Local by Design Annapolis Mall is an easily accessible resource for local consumers.

With that said, Local by Design IS the Annapolis Pillow Company storefront. If you are coming into town and want to see our products first hand or you would like to place a custom order with a knowledgeable retail associate, you can find us at both Annapolis Locations APC will have revolving stock at all times. This is a first for the company. Need a last minute hostess gift, graduation present, baby gift...run into one of these stores and Annapolis Pillow Company will have the perfect grab and go item you know well and don' t need to special order!