Meet Gillian

Gillian DuVall began Annapolis Pillow Company in 2011 as a hobby.

Soon after her twins were born, Gillian found herself antsy for a new creative challenge. Between the diaper changes and feedings, she found a gap in the boutique gifting market. Custom designed, beautifully constructed, birth announcement pillows. Sure, you can find a simple generic pillow with basic embroidery, but can you find one that is curated to perfectly match the nursery and the personality of the family?

In the beginning APC was really an avenue for Gillian to keep her creative juices flowing. Pillows were embroidered at a small local shop and sewn together in the living room of a local seamstress. It was just enough with twin babies at home. 

From there, Gillian’s family grew and so did Annapolis Pillow Company.

Not just a hobby anymore….

By 2014 Annapolis Pillow Company had grown considerably. Baby Pillows lead to Lat Long Pillows, Married Monogram Pillows, House Rendering Pillows, and many other custom curated pillows, perfect for every gifting occasion.

Annapolis Pillow Company was filling the gap in the high end gifting market that Gillian had found so many years before. With over 10 years spent in the home design and furniture industry, Gillian was able to utilize her talents to deliver a uniquely meaningful product that kept her loyal customer base coming back for more.

It’s been a busy 10 years!

With the birth of her fourth child (aka our office assistant Henry), Gillian never slowed down and neither has Annapolis Pillow Company. If anything, the company has only accelerated as quickly as sports practices, school field trips and every other childhood activity.

Over the course of the last 10 years, Annapolis Pillow Company continued to add high end, exceptionally unique decorative products. The APC Tree Skirt maybe the most unique of them all. Gillian finds the inspiration for the product line through her own personal need for beautiful things. When she cannot find exactly what she is looking for in the retail market, Gillian sets her mind creating the product and blending it seamlessly into the existing APC line.

Small. Local. American. Woman Owned.

Although APC has grown substantially in the last 10 years, we still consider ourselves a Small Local Annapolis Business. Most of our product line is still produced right here in Anne Arundel County.

The few items that are manufactured outside of Maryland are all produced within the United States by small family owned manufacturers. We believe American Manufacturing is experiencing a rebirth and we value the ability to support that growth.

Many able hands and talents were needed to allow APC to expand the way it has in the past decade. We boast a team of 5 incredibly talented woman that run everything from operations to the design, sewing and stitching.

Meet the rest of the Team

Jessica: Director of Marketing and Operations, the backbone of all APC advertising, graphic production and keeping our 12 businessday delivery promise to every customer.
Erin: Social Media Creative, weaving her artistic talents into APC’s social media presence across all platforms.
Lesley: Ever Talented Seamstress that produces the highest quality pillows that APC is known for
Angela: Embroiderer Extraordinaire, taking machine embroidery to a level not often seen in the industry.